I came across a couple of mentions of my game 100 Free Assets the other day. The first is a video of someone playing it on Youtube, which led me to do a bit of proper Googling. That turned up the linked French website which says some nice things (Google Translate handles it pretty well, as best I can tell). Before these two it was featured on freeindiegam.es. It’s strange hearing a stranger say your full name on Youtube.

10 Minutes: 100 Free Assets

And a while back I was directed to this German video of another game of mine, Castlevania 10. They seem to quite like it, though got stuck after the first boss (of three). Both this videos gave me big smiles, which I’ve never got from people looking at my work in galleries.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyCcAKO33pI?start=456 (gone)

Unfortunately, because you now need a Google+ account to make Youtube comments, I can’t actually have any interaction with the makers of these videos.

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