Christmas things

I made two Christmas-related games. Click on their titles to play them in your browser.

IO SATVRNALIA! is a big mess where nothing went right. You play as the paintings of Saturn by Goya and Rubens running around an incorrectly rendered recreation of the Roman Forum, and miming baby eating. After the initial loading it will take a while for the game to start, but it will! Downloadable versions for PC, OSX, and Linux are here.

Merry Catemitesmas is definitely the most time I’ve spent on one game. It was made for a Kris Kringle event at Glorious Trainwrecks, where I drew thecatamites, whose games I really like, so I put a lot of work into it. We made lists of elements we might like to see/play, though I wasn’t able to include as many as I wish. A lot went wrong, but I learnt a lot about Unity 3D too. There are four areas to find, but three are apparently well hidden, which is satisfying.

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