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Christmas things

Friday, December 27th, 2013

I made two Christmas-related games. Click on their titles to play them in your browser.

IO SATVRNALIA! is a big mess where nothing went right. You play as the paintings of Saturn by Goya and Rubens running around an incorrectly rendered recreation of the Roman Forum, and miming baby eating. After the initial loading it will take a while for the game to start, but it will! Downloadable versions for PC, OSX, and Linux are here.

Merry Catemitesmas is definitely the most time I’ve spent on one game. It was made for a Kris Kringle event at Glorious Trainwrecks, where I drew thecatamites, whose games I really like, so I put a lot of work into it. We made lists of elements we might like to see/play, though I wasn’t able to include as many as I wish. A lot went wrong, but I learnt a lot about Unity 3D too. There are four areas to find, but three are apparently well hidden, which is satisfying.

100 Free Assets

Monday, November 18th, 2013

100 Free Assets was made for last weekend’s Klik of the Month Klub, as a response to this list of 100 Free Assets for Unity 3D. I downloaded as many as I could, and used them to construct somewhere interesting to explore. Some of them have built-in behaviours: for example that monster thing moves  with the player.

I’ll also mention that the website I was working on is up and running (while still being expanded upon) at Simple websites are not as much fun to make as they used to be.

Let’s Play: UnityCar 2.2 Pro Web Demo (Monza Track)

Monday, November 11th, 2013

* Dream

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Water and Rat Dream


Parrot Dream

Games from dreams. Made using free 3-D models and Google image searches.

Erotic videogame

Friday, October 11th, 2013

I think that maybe I’ve made an erotic videogame (which you can play in your browser)

Which seems as-good-a-place-as-any to start catching the Internet up to what I’ve been making. In this last half, of my final semester I’ve been experimenting with ‘play spaces’, and currently and more specifically digital play spaces. This has come out of something I was doing as a break from art making during the holiday—recording myself playing about in other peoples’ games—and has evolved through thinking about performance in virtual space, to now trying to make open, kinda dumb, play spaces, where the player is asked to make something of / complete the work. I’m putting together a little web page to keep them all which I’ll link to when I’m done.

Let’s Play: Destroy Your Home

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Today I recorded myself playing Juliette Porée’s Destroy Your Home — a ‘Let’s Play’, they’re typically called. It’s a simple game built around Unity‘s built-in physics, the goal being to destroy your home, which is built of uncertainly stacked discrete objects. It’s the kind of game I like, more toy than game, a space for making your own games. These videos are me playing with this approach; playing, sculpting, performing—.

I would like to write more about these types of games/toys, and I have had an empty Tumblr blog reserved for the purpose. I would also like to make more, and make more videos like this.