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Till now

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I need to write something here—

My drawing and painting are close again.  Seeing what I’m showing in this post is the opposite of satisfying. Their similarity to each other, and the noticing that these shapes I drew as asides are not that anymore, worries me. I feel like I’m relying on them; like they, and their silly ‘tense’ compositions are a style.

I started the school-year with the multi-page drawing up top (finished, it had another piece of white paper collaged on to the left of the one depicted). It felt fresh, and like something of a glossary, or chart of possibilities. Above it (out of the photo) are similar shapes in string, reaching round the top of my studio walls.

They’re up here, now. Filed away. Tomorrow there will be no straight lines.

The start of the second video (Batman (Magic)) makes me smile.

I’ve finished photographing a box of lost property I found in a skip. I’m very much looking forward to making a series of posts about the contents on that near-abandoned other blog of mine.

Two portraits

Saturday, November 20th, 2010
Revision 5 (Failed Portrait 1)
Revision 5 (Failed Portrait 1)
Erin Resting, in a Complicated Dress
Erin Resting, in a Complicated Dress


Friday, November 5th, 2010

These are the last two paintings I’ve made. For lack of things to paint on, my dislike of waste, and experimenting in ways to make work, I’ve been going over old paintings, that are either ‘finished’, or at a point I do not want to resolve. These two also happen to feel particularly exciting, to me, at the moment: technically, aesthetically, and conceptually.

Beginning a painting, or a drawing (or collage, or sculpture, or…)—perhaps particularly, but not necessarily exclusively with abstract work—one first has to make sense of the space in front of them. Typically that’s a blank piece of canvas, or paper. This can be done in the head, by pouring paint, by making preparatory sketches, and so on. Always it is a response. When this response is to, not white page, or to an arbitrary shape, but to an image, and one of my own creation—and a failed one at that—that is, conceptualy, a pretty damn interesting starting point. In effect it could be just the same as pouring paint, and maybe that’s all I’ve done with it. But I’m excited about the potential.

Bye, people

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Two days ago:


That smiley face was not put there deliberately.