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‘Blueberry’s Rust home.’

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Internet pal Clyde interviewed me about my in-game house a while back when we were playing this game together called Rust. It’s kinda a game for jerks, but it’s fun making stuff when it’s very likely some jerko will come and kill you and steal your house.

Hand Game

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

2015-10-24_01-38-31 cropped

2015-10-24_01-36-14 cropped

2015-10-24_01-38-50 cropped

I made Hand Game for an exhibition the other week. The starting point was thoughts about my awareness of my own body, and the correlation between location and body area. Over time it changed from being about bodies to focusing on hands. All the hands in this game were chosen from a bunch of 3-D scans downloaded from that 123D website I use a fair bit. It was set up in a bathroom, one of the locations I felt most in touch with my body, and was played by holding two gobs of Play-doh, which were of course able to be sculpted. I’m not making the game availible as I usually would, because of its site and controller specificness, but there is a version up for people who support my game making through Patreon 😉 😉 😉

There was also a publication given away at the show, and I included some hand drawings. In these I attempted to draw my hands as I pictured them without looking at them, mostly dictated by where I felt the most weight, if that makes sense. I’ve always meant to make drawings of how I perceive my body non-visually (for ten years, at least!) so it was about time I got round to it.

I also made this other game a week or so back that I like and other people like: Japan Game.

Japan Game 2


There are more screenshots at my videogame making Tumblr blog.

X/285 Brunswick Road

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Screenshot of X-285 Brunswick Road

A tentative step into combining webpages/text/games.

Might move some of the text to appear below the embed.


Monday, November 17th, 2014

One of my games was mentioned in this article on ‘voidscapes’

Voids have always existed around videogames. It’s the negative space that you can sometimes accidentally fall into and watch as the polygons you once walked on disappear. A void is that endless, omnipresent outside part of videogames where nothing happens and nothing exists. Voids are the largest part of videogame spaces but it’s always the bit that’s covered up like a crime scene. So what’s a “voidscape,” then?


One of the most meaningful videogame dioramas I’ve played is Rylie Thomas’s The Milkmaid, which turns Johannes Vermeer’s 17th century oil-on-canvas painting “The Milkmaid” into a climbing frame for us to investigate. Thomas uses a videogame as a tool for us to engage in a close examination of a blown up art asset, revealing its garish textures and even the very slightest of its contours. You end up getting more intimate with an in-game asset than you probably have before just because it’s the only thing that you can focus on other than the surrounding void.

Let’s watch

Monday, September 1st, 2014

I’ve been trying to make a sequel to my game Castlevania 10, but been struggling a bit. To remind myself of the first game I went looking for the video of it someone had recorded and turned up some new ones (by other people)!

This was the first one I found, and is by a funny Finnish fellow called Kermakastikeritari. Browsing his videos also lead me to Mat Dickie, and I’m looking forward to playing through some of his games some time soon.


This one’s by Noyb, who I know from Glorious Trainwrecks. He runs some nice game-related blogs, too.


And these are both by bankbank, who I’m pretty sure is part of Quimdung. The last video is the current official world record, though I think it’s pretty beatable.

Five recent videos

Friday, July 4th, 2014

I should also note that mostly my Youtube related troubles are resolved, so I’ve been adding things again to Video Works Catalogue. I also changed my website; did I mention that?

Blueberry Soft

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

It’s about time I mentioned something that I have actually been doing:

Christmas things

Friday, December 27th, 2013

I made two Christmas-related games. Click on their titles to play them in your browser.

IO SATVRNALIA! is a big mess where nothing went right. You play as the paintings of Saturn by Goya and Rubens running around an incorrectly rendered recreation of the Roman Forum, and miming baby eating. After the initial loading it will take a while for the game to start, but it will! Downloadable versions for PC, OSX, and Linux are here.

Merry Catemitesmas is definitely the most time I’ve spent on one game. It was made for a Kris Kringle event at Glorious Trainwrecks, where I drew thecatamites, whose games I really like, so I put a lot of work into it. We made lists of elements we might like to see/play, though I wasn’t able to include as many as I wish. A lot went wrong, but I learnt a lot about Unity 3D too. There are four areas to find, but three are apparently well hidden, which is satisfying.

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

I’ve been making more of these types of things over the last couple of days, and these are the two I’m happiest with. I’m looking forward to playing more of Worlds: a near-abandoned mid-90s virtual chat room thing with a lot of now-broken corporate advertising embedded.

100 Free Assets

Monday, November 18th, 2013

100freeassets pic2 640x

100 Free Assets was made for last weekend’s Klik of the Month Klub, as a response to this list of 100 Free Assets for Unity 3D. I downloaded as many as I could, and used them to construct somewhere interesting to explore. Some of them have built-in behaviors: for example that monster thing moves  with the player.

I’ll also mention that the website I was working on is up and running (while still being expanded upon) at Simple websites are not as much fun to make as they used to be.