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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Pounds, on Bandcamp.

Pounds, on Soundcloud.

Erin and me have been constructing some songs, using bits taken from some droney keyboard/organ things we recorded in Buckley in January. I haven’t made music in this way before—both playing with another person, and using a computer to assemble a song from an overwhelming amount of pieces—and, though it’s been slow-going, has resulted in work I’m proud of. There should be a track or two more later, but mostly we’re done. I add the disclaimer that the tracks lose a bit (and in the case of Stationary a lot) in the process of getting onto Soundcloud. We will be making tapes of them later.

Previously I had made music with very little computering involved; either one-take improvisations, or a series of improvisations layered on top of each other, each played while listening to what had already been recorded as I played. We talked today about trying that method next time, with each of us taking turns to add a layer.

Someone Else’s House

Thursday, October 21st, 2010
Someone Else's House still

So, me and Erin have an exhibition opening next Wednesday, October 27, at Blindside Artist Run Space.

Our piece is two videos, both of the last place I lived in, on my last day there. Both were filmed without the other there, or even with knowledge that the other had filmed. So both are natural responses to the leaving of a home, and its transition into someone else’s. They loop, but have different lengths, so there are moments that sit well, and moments that jar, and these change over time.

Andrew David Stapleton’s catalogue essay (archived) makes clear the themes far better than I can, and I will update this post when Blindside’s site has it up.

You can watch Erin’s half of the video on Youtube. One of us will upload the exhibition version once everything’s all up and running. And, now, you can see a 25 minute excerpt of the one we had exhibited, via Erin’s Vimeo account.

Opening night is Thursday, 28th.

In other fine news: I received a globe for my film projector today, and got it all working (after mangling a bit of the Popeye film I ended up with). I’m very, very, much looking forward to uploading all the amateur films I’ve been collecting to Youtube, and Lost Discarded Abandoned.