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Found media drawings

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

I made these drawings as a little project to help me take a break from working on the computer, and to make something of the job I’ve found myself in. I’m working as a cleaner in a high school, and they’re all made with things I’ve found in the bins, or on the ground. So every day I’d come home and make a drawing with what I’d found.

The yellow one’s actually done with highlighter, but it doesn’t scan so well.

I might write some more thoughts later, but I have to get to work.

Variable dimensions

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

It seems that whenever my drawing and painting are getting closer together they shoot off in other directions again.

Drawings, like these, are all I’ve been doing since Christmas.   Constructing them is a fairly logical process. I think of them as three-dimensional objects, and by connecting each point they become credible, even though they may give the illusion of impossibility.  I like the play between two, and three, dimensions, and how the freehand drawing adds to that.  I had the thought to make them in a 3-D modelling program, but I think they would lose a lot. Animating them (again, freehand) is something I want  to try.

I’m curious to hear if anyone else reads them as 3-D, because, so far, no one else does! Perhaps I’ve spent too much time playing old-ish videogames.

These are, of course, related to the forms I’ve used in installation, and collage.