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Proposals for a Ritual

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

The introduction from a text I wrote for school on my latest work:

Proposals for a Ritual is a set of actions performed, in variations, over the last few months of this semester. Each action/performance is a meditation — an isolating act therapeutic to the artist — but also sometimes disconcerting to the viewer. A ritual, to paraphrase Evangelos Kyriakidis (2007), is a label given to an action that, in a sense, seems irrational or illogical to the non-participant; applied as classification by the onlooker, or as an acknowledgement of the potential to seem irrational or illogical to onlookers by the performer. Approaching the work from this perspective a ritual can be thought of as a language of gesture and material. Proposals for a Ritual offers these actions as suggestions for the viewer to carry out themselves, or at least contemplate.

I may add a little bit to this post later. I’m using it to wrap-up the project, at least for the time being.