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Anatomy Lab

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Till now

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I need to write something here—

My drawing and painting are close again.  Seeing what I’m showing in this post is the opposite of satisfying. Their similarity to each other, and the noticing that these shapes I drew as asides are not that anymore, worries me. I feel like I’m relying on them; like they, and their silly ‘tense’ compositions are a style.

I started the school-year with the multi-page drawing up top (finished, it had another piece of white paper collaged on to the left of the one depicted). It felt fresh, and like something of a glossary, or chart of possibilities. Above it (out of the photo) are similar shapes in string, reaching round the top of my studio walls.

They’re up here, now. Filed away. Tomorrow there will be no straight lines.

The start of the second video (Batman (Magic)) makes me smile.

I’ve finished photographing a box of lost property I found in a skip. I’m very much looking forward to making a series of posts about the contents on that near-abandoned other blog of mine.

Variable dimensions

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Polygons 001 Polygons 002 Polygons 003 Polygons 004 Polygons 005 Polygons 006 Polygons 007Polygons 008

It seems that whenever my drawing and painting are getting closer together they shoot off in other directions again.

Drawings, like these, are all I’ve been doing since Christmas.   Constructing them is a fairly logical process. I think of them as three-dimensional objects, and by connecting each point they become credible, even though they may give the illusion of impossibility.  I like the play between two, and three, dimensions, and how the freehand drawing adds to that.  I had the thought to make them in a 3-D modelling program, but I think they would lose a lot. Animating them (again, freehand) is something I want  to try.

I’m curious to hear if anyone else reads them as 3-D, because, so far, no one else does! Perhaps I’ve spent too much time playing old-ish videogames.

These are, of course, related to the forms I’ve used in installation, and collage.

Drawing, again

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Erin Sitting, with Elbow Out [drawing]

Erin Sitting, with Elbow Out

I’ve been wanting to draw again: big charcoal portraits. This is the first one that is okay. I worry so much about not make illustrations when I’m drawing, and this is maybe that. I notice more ‘nice lines, and composition’ rather than ‘a person’.

I’m a bit frustrated with all my work, at the moment. I’m impatient, and it feels like I’m right at the start of everything. The abstract paintings are getting bigger, and are going somewhere, at least. I am looking forward to pushing my drawing. Moving away from line, which I feel very in control of, and trying really dig people out of that page. The carefulness, and tenderness that line can give, I don’t want to lose, but..

I mused today about how controlled my paintings and drawings are. Even in the paintings that start with stains, and thick messes, there are later placed bars and rectangles of single colours. I have a very ordered way of looking at images, that I think comes across most obviously in my videos. I worry about this, too, being too clean, and illustrative (though not in the video).

Bye, people

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Two days ago:


That smiley face was not put there deliberately.